Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Autism Awareness Month

Check everyday for free apps offered in honor of Autism Awareness Month. You can google "free apps Autism Awareness 2012" and find some great sites listing free apps. Warning! Many of these apps are offered for only 24 hours so download as soon as you see because they may be gone by evening. However, the ABA apps from are free all month long, even those that usually cost money. I think they have released a few new ones including a rhyming app.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Math (Grade K)

Math (Grade K) is a FREE app that allows for practice of simple addition, subtraction, and comparisons (all K-math state standards skills). This app is fairly boring and mostly drill work. The positive side of this app is that it has rather detailed progress monitoring for a longer time period by indicating #correct and in error over numerous days.

Free App Friday

A parent gave me this tidbit of information. Apparently on many Fridays, free apps are available this day only. Check out this website: each Friday and see if any apps are available. Last year Autism Awareness Month and Better Speech/Hearing months offered free apps.

Let's Name...Things

Let's Name...Things is a FREE app by It is in the same format as the language/artic cards we buy from this company. This app is a simple game where cards are randomly displayed requiring children to name items in a given category. For example: "Name things that are heavy."

Saturday, December 31, 2011

VAST Autism 1 - Core

VAST Autism- Core is $4.99. My students often have great difficulty looking anywhere on my face when practicing articulation or new words. Currently I am trying to prevent them from "mumbling" and simplifying syllables (nuhnee for money). This program allows us to systematically work from sounds to multiple syllable words. Essentially, the screen conveys the printed target and then a human mouth only formulates the word once in slow motion and then in an appropriate rate. My students will not look at my mouth but are fascinated with the mouths on the app. For those of you with an Ipad2, I believe you can videotape yourself and possibly make your own target list. Due to cost and innovation, I give this app a 4 out of 5.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


ArtikPix is an articulation based app at a price of $29.99. You can try it for FREE with the Lite version. Essentially, you are buying a collection of articulation cards for a variety of sounds and blends. I appreciate the audio recording feature because I find that many children can't perceptually discriminate their production from mine. In addition to flashcards, it includes a matching game feature. I use this app daily in speech therapy and I have been disappointed in the number of cards in some decks, especially if I want to isolate one sound in one position. I give this app a 3/5 rating.

Autism Apps

Autism Apps is a FREE app that requires WIFI to access. Essentially, this app is a search engine for parents of children with special needs. It has an extensive list of categories which contain associated apps. Many of the apps are parent recommended and include rating scales. I love that most apps contain sample pictures and I don't have to access iTunes or the App Store to research anything. I give this app a 5/5 rating.